The Institution having 3000 Land for B.Ed. Course out of which 1500 sq.mts. Build up are and the remaining space for lawns, Play grounds and garden etc.

Facilities :-

  1. Class room
  2. Multipurpose hall (seating capacity of 200)
  3. Library-Cum-Reading Room
  4. Science and Math Lab
  5. Educational Technology Lab.
  6. Work Experience Lab.
  7. Art and Craft Resource
  8. Computer Lab
  9. Psychology Lab
  10. Games and Sports Resource Room
  11. Girl’s Common Room
  12. Store Room
  13. Principal Office
  14. Staff Room
  15. Separate Toilet Facilities for boys and Girls
  16. Parking Space
  17. Safe Guard Available in all parts of building.
  18. Photocopy Machine
  19. Water Cooler for Drinking Water
  20. Furniture


Psychology Lab

Psychology lab is fully organized with many types of psychological test and apparatus available in adequate manner for experiment related to the course.

  1. In B.Ed. course psychological test is included in sessional work in the paper-II psychology basis of learning and teaching.
  2. Psychology lab is utilized by the regular pupil teacher of the college.
  3. Psychological test is providing to the student on specific days in schedule time
  4. The student are taking particular test and deposit it on due time
  5. Manual provide for psychological test viewed only in the laboratory.


Language Lab

The institution has well developed Language Lab. Lab is fully organize and well equipped contains sufficient Lingua phone with monitor.

Lab is utilized for B.Ed and B.S.T.C students of the college.

Students are doing their practical work in batch wise according to Number of University.


Library Books

The institution having Library-cum-Reading room with seating Capacity for at least 40 students at a time. The library is well furnished and organized which contains text book and reference books concerned to the course, Educational survey, Journals, Magazine Encyclopedia, periodicals, Dictionaries and electronic publications etc.

The book bank facilities are available in the library in which a set of all relevant books in compulsory and teaching paper including qualifying compulsory paper computer issue to each student for a period of 15 days. After fifteen days the must change the books/or get reissued them.

The college Library is completely restored in the hands of Librarian under the supervision of Principal.

Library hours and time of circulation of books:

  1. The library hours are from 11.00 AM to 4.00 PM.
  2. In spite of book bank other is provide for fifteen days only.


Educational Details

Institution having well established and equipped educational technology lab with computer, LCD, Computer with CD Rom, television, camera, overhead projector, slide projector, tape-recorder, transparencies, Harmonium, Tabla, gittar, CD & DVD Player and musical system with for set of loud speaker and other Audio-Visual Aids.

Pupil teacher are doing practical work in educational technology in batch wise according to syllabus of University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.


Games Area

Sports and games are an inevitable part of teacher’s training programme. Such programmers will prove throughout the session in the form of practice. After the completion of sports practice every year, in the month of Feb. an inter house sports competition will be organized in which winners will be awarded prize an certificates, a sports club is established in the college in which sports material related to indoor, outdoor an athletic activities are provided, which are made available only during college hours and will not be issued for home. Attendance is compulsory in these activities competitions


Computer Lab

Computer lab is well furnished and separate having 08 computer and Printer including photocopy, Scanner and internet facilities

  1. All the pupil teacher is regularly operate the computer according to syllabus of University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.
  2. The computer theory and practical paper is required for the pupil teacher in qualifying compulsory paper.